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Hello my name is Paul Miller.

old country redneckI’m just an old country boy trying to get along in life while maybe helping a few other people enhance their lives by learning more about the Lamb of God and how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I’m not a preacher nor a teacher and the fact is you may know a lot more about scripture than me so I have no clue why God seems to have picked me to spread the Word (the Gospel of Christ) when there are so many others who are better suited for His service.

As you can likely tell Jesus My King Lives is a fairly new site so as I build it out there will be more and more content for you to enjoy from which you may hopefully gain blessings. In fact, the Lord told me to do something with this site that contradicts everything I have been taught. Yet I know Almighty God KNOWS what will work. I also know that when He tells me to do something He always makes it happen for my good, the good and benefit of other people and His glory. So …

This site will eventually contain all kinds of different and very usable information. It is my hope to migrate the content of several existing sites into this site thereby eliminating a ton of stress caused by managing too many sites by myself.

information-source-resourceThe site will have information categories such as these:

  • God
  • Jesus
  • Home Based Business
  • Health, Disease, Weight Loss
  • Business & Product Reviews

And since that is the case, my goal (I’m not sure what God’s goal is yet) is to make Jesus My King Lives a site you’ll want to visit, one you will feel comfortable visiting yet …

Since I preach God’s Word (the Bible), without PC (politically correct) sugar coating some may not feel those warm fuzzys when reading what I write concerning God’s Word. I want you to understand it is NOT my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings but please keep this in mind …

The truth is the truth and if it isn’t the truth it’s a lie.

Please review the legal stuff before using this site.

The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of “About Me”

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. My family was made up of average people. My grandfather on my father’s side was an engineer on the Great Northern (now th BNSF). My father was a brakeman/conductor on the SP&S. He passed away of cancer while I was in the Marine Corps.

My Mother was a dispatcher for the Carnation Milk Company. She is still alive at the nice age of 90 and I take care of her now just like she did for me when I was a kid. Best mom a kid could ever have. I truly am blessed by God having her as my mom.

I appreciate your visit and hope you’ll find the information I post to be of great value in your journey through life.

socialmediaIf you do find valuable content, do me a favor would ya?

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Thank you, I appreciate your visit.

May God Richly Bless You,


Jesus Saves Sinners

Jesus Saved Me and IF He’ll Save Me … He’ll Save YOU

Most of you don’t know me and have no clue what a horrible person I was for quite some time. What was worse, I was a Christian ( I had accepted the Lord as Savior on July 6th, 1979) so I was in no way a “good witness.” I knew it and kept my faith to myself yet …

thanksAt first I was on fire for Christ but because of some things that happened before and after (mostly after) I said “Thanks God – welcome to the family right?” and told God to stuff it, packed my trash and went back to my merry sinning ways. But…

Even though I was at that time a backsliding, sinning, prodigal, and when I say a sinning prodigal I do mean a sinner, someone God was NOT pleased with – He NEVER left me.

I was angry with God.

I hurt people.

His people.

Any people.

payback-timeI conned them, I lied to them, I did whatever I could to “get back” for what I was suffering, had suffered previously and the real sad part is this …

Those I targeted, “got back at,” for the most part had nothing to do with any hurt previously incurred.

I just wanted payback – from anyone in close proximity to me.

i was a snakeNobody was safe.

I was a snake. At least in my sight I was a snake.

I was hurting people!

Often there were times when I thought that maybe I wasn’t saved. That maybe what happened that day on July 6th, 1979 wasn’t real because I know what scripture says about “the fruits of the Spirit.” And trust me when I say this – there weren’t any! But here’s the deal …

If you remember what I wrote earlier I said I got angry with God.

I did.

I got REALLY angry.

I got angry because right after accepting Jesus I came under spiritual attack.


I did NOT recognize what happened as an attack, by Satan, against me. Now, I know Satan will attack those who love God and Holy God may allow Satan to test you as He did me (Job is a prime example). I lost my business, went broke, got really sick and had to sell my house. I failed the test.

I failed.

I see that now and for the rest of my days I’ll have to live with the fact that, even though I am forgiven, I still failed God. But to get you up to speed let’s step back to the day I accepted Christ as my Savior.

It was different to say the least.

attic-man-cave-media-room-biliard-tableI was at a believer’s home. My wife and I were having dinner with he and his wife. I do NOT remember exactly why we were there. I mean I barely knew the guy but I do remember the moments when I accepted Christ. Don had taken me on a tour of his house. He was well off and his home was large. We were upstairs in his game room and he was witnessing to me about Jesus.

When he knew he had me or more aptly the Spirit of God had me convicted he asked me if I wanted to get saved. Anyway …

We started to pray.

It was like “repeat after me.”

satan choke hold - on meThere I was repeating the prayer when it felt like something was choking me.

I couldn’t say I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

My mouth was open but nothing was coming out.

Don kept praying

jesus_vs_satanIt was obviously a battle between Jesus and Satan for my soul. And …

I was in the middle of the battle being choked!

Suddenly I was “loosed” and able to blurt out that I accepted Christ.

Jesus won!

But Satan wasn’t done.

Soon I was in my own little hell on earth.

Like I said I lost my business, my house and I got sick. And that all happened shortly after I accepted Christ as my Savior so I was thinking “Welcome to the family of God!” And …

emergency-roomWhen I say sick, I’m not talking the flu.

I had never experienced that kind of horrible pain in my entire life.

It seemed like every time I ate I was sicker than a dog.

One time my wife came home and found me kneeling in front of the toilet. I was in so much pain I was barely coherent. I remember her asking if I was ok?

Of course I wasn’t OK!

I remember asking her, if my guts were still inside me.

Evidently that was her clue I needed help so she helped me to the car and took me to the ER.

dumb doctorThe doctor gave me a shot of meperidine (demerol) for pain (it did nothing) and he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me so he sent me home and his parting words of wisdom were “come back if it gets worse.”

I was in a couple of different ER’s (all totaled 7 different visits) and none of those people had a clue as to what was wrong with me.

To make a long story short I was finally diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. And by that time the damage was done. The doctor who diagnosed me told me I’d have chronic pancreatitis and would likely only see another 10 years at best.

God had a plan, I just didn’t know it.

Even though I left the Church  and  went after the world’s riches God never left me.

Gods-WayHe kept leading me to various remedies that after a while improved my health.

Unfortunately He has never seen His way clear to “cure” me. But …

I am much better and for the most part have lived the last 30 plus years pain-free.

THAT in itself is a miracle.

There are so many people around the world that suffer with pancreatitis.

Many do die from it. Anyway …

One day in 2011 God spoke to me.

No Joke.

He whispered in my ear to share what He taught me.

I knew exactly what He meant and said there is no need.

Yeah I told God, who knows ALL things there wasn’t a need. In fact I told Him that the second time He told me to share what He taught me. Hey the way I figured it most doctors couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with me at the time I was sick so there couldn’t be anyone else right?


The third time God asked me to share what He taught me I said, OK, I’ll check it out and we’ll see if it’s even worth the time.

I checked it out. I googled several search terms I thought people would use to find information online.

Surprised baby


There were THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of search queries for information.

So I told God, “OK, let’s rock!” And now …

There are people who have gotten well.

Some who never thought they would ever be well again.

I have seen the Glory of God!

But I’m getting ahead just a little. Let’s go back to …


Blessed be the name of the LordIn 1980 a friend introduced me to the Vacation Timeshare business.

I was intrigued and hired.

I never got to get my feet wet because Mount St. Helen’s blew sky-high and put the resort out of business. People wouldn’t drive through the ash piled everywhere to get to the resort.

No customers, no business.

So I went back to selling cars and trucks (when I wasn’t sick) but in 1982 I heard the resort was back in full swing so I drove on out and got a spot on the sales line.

I also divorced my wife.

Timeshare was right up my alley. I mean …

It was the best sales gig a lazy man could find.

boat and motor in a boxThe resort marketing director sent out 10 – 20,000 direct mail pieces per week and all I had to do was sell to customers. We usually had between 2 – 5 tours (ups) per day. If a salesperson was any good they made money, a lot of money.

We worked hard and partied harder. And since the doctor who diagnosed me with pancreatitis said I couldn’t drink that left drugs. So for me it was 7 years of sex, drugs and RockNRoll.

During my 7 years of selling Time Share I saw some interesting things. People would drive up to the resort, pulling trailers thinking they would need one to take their new boat and motor home! Yes, one of the mailers made people think they won a boat and motor. They did! But …

Were they surprised when they received their rubber raft with plastic outboard that fit in a box that would easily fit in the trunk of a car.


I had one of many women living with me. This one had given me a child. She was a cute woman. Anyway, the sales director of the resort was my best friend. I was best man at his wedding. I was attracted to his wife (had previously asked her out before my friend and I had become friends) but that was as far as it ever went because I did not do friend’s wives.

Then I find out that he and my girlfriend were playing “slap and tickle.” The betrayal was two fold but the worst part was my best friend’s betrayal. And I confronted him.

I drove to his house and knocked on the door. From the way his wife was dressed when she answered the door I knew they had been asleep. She said he was in bed asleep, I said “tough, I’ll wake him” and I made my way in through the door.

I entered the bedroom, pulled my finger out of my pocket and pressed it against his forehead.

As he woke, eyes wide, I told him if he didn’t do exactly as I said, I’d kill him.

He knew I meant what I said.

He looked kind of green.

For a minute I thought he might puke.

deer-in-headlightsI told him and his wife to get dressed. We all drove to my house. Once inside I called my girlfriend downstairs.

She came down, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. I pushed my friend towards her and told him to get to it. So …

He began to tell my girldfriend their affair was over.

Yep, I made him do it in front of his wife.

The next day another friend called asking if I’d seen or heard from my ex-best friend.

I said “no, why?”

My other friend said his wife had called and cancelled an appointment to get their car worked on because he was really ill. Actually had been puking all night and couldn’t leave the house. I said, “gee, that’s too bad.”

Cancun-MexicoWhen the TimeShare business started to dwindle due to government regulations and some other things most good closers I knew packed their trash and went to Mexico.

I did NOT want to go to Mexico.

The last thing I needed was a bad case of the runs. So I went back into the car business.


I was good and soon found myself promoted to GSM at a small North Idaho dealership. I trained the salespeople how to sell and when they needed help I closed their deals.

That little dealership went from selling 40 – 50 cars and trucks per month to over 100. I buried a lot of people in cars and trucks. After all it wasn’t my job to tell a customer that it wasn’t in their best interests to keep their car and drive it until they had more equity or a better job or whatever the case was. It was my job to make profit for the dealership, my sales crew and myself. And I did that to the best of my ability.

In 1994 I got remarried and divorced her in 1995.

2000 BMW 740i

Yep that’s me with my new 2000 BMW 740i – 16 years ago.

In 1997 I said good-bye to the car business because I had found a new deal. Well, it wasn’t new. MLM or multi-level marketing had been around for years. I’d been to Amway and Herbalife pitches.

They intrigued me.

The idea of building a dynasty full of people working for themselves building their own business and making me money really appealed to me. But none of the companies or products did until this one came along that had a unique selling proposition.

They invented this cool pay plan that allowed average people to make up to an extra $720 per month with a small group of 20 people. They coupled that unique pay plan with a product that was basically legal speed. Soon I had 20,000 reps/customers taking legal drugs and making me money.

As you can see I was NOT the best of people. The ONLY thing good I can say about myself during those years is that I wasn’t a serial killer.

The point is this …

jesus_savesIF I was a sinner, and one who had tasted the love of God (momentarily) yet still became angry because I didn’t like nor understand some things and told Him to stick it and left Him – YET – He NEVER left me or threw me away then …

Our merciful God will certainly forgive, redeem and welcome you into His Kingdom as well. The fact that I turned my back on my Savior Jesus and Father God and He never turned His back on me is WHY I finally came to my senses and repented before my Abba Father God, begged for forgiveness, mercy and am now on FIRE for Jesus Christ.

There is NO sin except one (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God) that is unforgivable. So …

You most likely (I’m 99.9% sure) haven’t committed a sin or sins that the Blood of Jesus will not atone and wash white.

If you are a “backsliding Christian” or aren’t sure of your salvation or maybe really aren’t a Christian at all (have never accepted Jesus by faith as your Savior) then take the best step you can ever take in your life and …

KneelingAtTheCrossGet on your knees, lay yourself at the Cross, repent and ask Christ to come into your heart, wash you clean with His Blood that He shed for YOU and the whole world.

If you believe in your heart that Christ died for you, then rose from the dead on the third day you will be saved. Then you can begin serving the best King, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

One thing you need to understand.

This is incredibly important.

IF you decide to procrastinate (accept Jesus tomorrow, next week or whatever) and you get hit by a bus today and die – it’s over. You’ll have missed your opportunity. Your fate will be sealed forever.


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